Founder Ny Tel'oz
Date founded 32 AFC
Purpose Regulate all trade in the Traconian Alliance
Status Peace
Allied Traconian Alliance, Traconian Military, Natrian Empire
Enemies Pirates
Current leader Ce Mel'toh
Strategy Dominate the spice market (or attempt too)

The Traconian Merchant Authority was founded by Ny Tel'oz 32 years after First Contact with the Senate. Its purpose was to regulate trade in the growing Traconian Alliance, which remained close allies with the Natrian Empire. 878 years later, they still are. Having replaced its aging fleet of spice transports with the new Traconian Bulk Transport, the TMA has dominance over all commerce in the T.A. Though there are smugglers that sell spice at discounts illegally, most spice transport in T.A. space is carried out by the TMA. Though most pirate attacks on convoys are defended off by escort fighters, pirate activity has been steadily on the rise, with current Chairman Ce Mel'toh increasing security in response.